Games & Rules
First and foremost, we are a family friendly environment.  Please respect all Crosshairs employees and all other customers at Crosshairs.  Foul language will not be tolerated.

Due to insurance regulations, 10 years of age is the minimum age to play paintball.

Safety is our top priority while you are at Crosshairs Lima.  There are some very critical rules that must be followed at all times.  Here is just a short list of rules, you will receive the full list before you enter the field of play for the first time.

1. When not on the playing field, you must have a barrel sock over the barrel of your marker at all times.
2. Before entering the field of play, you must have your mask on.
3. When on the playing field, YOU MUST NEVER TAKE YOUR MASK OFF FOR ANY REASON!  This is our biggest rule.  If for some reason you feel you have an issue, please call for a referee and they will escort you off of the field before you can remove your mask.
4. When leaving the field of play, you must put your barrel sock back on your barrel immediately.

5. Our rate of fire is 12.5bps and our fps is 260.