535 W. Spring St, Lima, OH


Wow, what a day! We started the morning with our final private party. Our Open Play hours brought standard players and tournament players alike. The evening wound down with a walk-in birthday party of first time players. It was a perfect representation of our Crosshairs Lima community. Today we heard stories from players who enjoyed coming time and time again for tournaments and of friendships that began when players met each other while they were playing at the shop. We have had kids grow into adults who are now pursuing a professional paintball career and friends that dropped in to reminisce. Hugs were given, tears were shed and many thanks were said. Thank you Lima, thank you to the people who helped us along the way, thank you to our employees past and present, thank you to the players from the surrounding counties, and thank you to players who have traveled distances to come play in our tournaments. Thank you for believing in our little shop. Thank you for respecting our mission. Thank you for being a part of our lives for the past 8 years. We are proud to have been a part of your community.
(Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will post pictures our final pictures over the coming week.)

10/15/23: Every cloud has a silver lining. In the summer of 2010 Sandy Monfort, one of our owners, experienced an unthinkable accident that left her with traumatic injuries. For two years she worked hard to recover. That was a huge cloud for our family. After things were settled, our owners, Eddie and Sandy chose to turn the sadness into joy. They chose to open a place that would be a positive and affordable location for families and friends. A place where kids could play with their parents, where friends could meet up with friends, and where special events could be celebrated. For 8 years we have worked hard to be that place. We have met amazing people and we have had so much fun as we have evolved. As we have grown as a business, so has our family. Time waits for no one and we don’t want to lose it. To everything, there is a season. We are coming to the end of our season as the family who opened Crosshairs Lima. We will be closing our doors on the anniversary of our opening. Our final day of business will be Saturday, December 30. Until then, we look forward to serving our customers and providing a great experience for all. Thank you for letting us be a part of your community.​